CEO Stories Podcast Series

Ray Hoffman
Host, Writer & Producer of CEO Radio on WCBS

About the Series: featured stories from the intersection of the free market and entrepreneurial success. Here we speak with leading CEOs, academics, philanthropists and up and comers on their contributions and perspectives on the American economy.

Beyond Fair Trade

After selling Alltel to Verizon, Scott Ford started Westrock Coffee and the Rwanda Trading Company – an exercise in capitalism’s ability to serve as a rising tide that lifts all boats. Through his innovative business model, Westrock already has put over $100 million into the pockets of Rwandan coffee farmers, and to think, Westrock is just now hitting its stride!


The Ripple Effect of Doing Good

Scott and Ally Svenson’s most recent company, Mod Pizza, may turn out to be legendary. Ask the many employees with special needs, including the former felons, who’ve been given a second chance. They believe the world doesn’t need another soulless pizza chain.


Never Settle: Going Above and Beyond the Most Challenging of Circumstances

In the life of Tana Greene, CEO of The Greene Group, going from an abusive relationship in Virginia to a considerable entrepreneurial, and now, inspirational success, in North Carolina, it represents a much longer journey.


Empowering Customers to Take Control of Their Digital Wallets

Young entrepreneur, David Callis, Co-Founder and CEO of Hiatus, wants to put an end to the set it and forget it subscription model by giving consumers the right tools to better manage subscriptions and track bills.


Communicating Success

Sandy Hillman on her rise as the “impresario of urban America” and the challenges and opportunities she’s faced as a trusted advisor to the public and private sectors.


A Serial Entrepreneur’s Drive for Success

Marc Gorlin, Founder and CEO of Roadie, discusses his disruptive package delivery system that relies on communities of people to do the job typically done by major parcel companies.


Family Lessons From the Farm to Finance

Warren Stephens, Chairman, President and CEO of Stephens Inc., shares lessons learned from his family’s transformative shift from Arkansas farmers to financiers; and how capitalism was the driving factor for Stephens Inc. as well as other great Arkansas companies.


 About Ray Hoffman

Ray Hoffman, a veteran business journalist, is highly-regarded for his news and analysis features and insightful CEO interviews. Representing BusinessWeek on air for twenty-one years, Mr. Hoffman was the morning business news voice on the ABC Radio Networks from 1995 to 2006. Mr. Hoffman also represented The Wall Street Journal, on air, for eleven years. His daily WCBS CEO Radio feature was recognized by the New York Press Club as best radio business news report in both 2012 and 2015. In this podcast, Mr. Hoffman invites some of America’s most dynamic CEOs to share their stories as business builders and perspectives on free enterprise.