CEO Stories: Advocating for Efficient and Effective Capital Markets

Ken Bentsen
CEO and President of SIFMA

Ken Bentsen, CEO and President of SIFMA, talks about the association’s work as well as that of its sister organization, the SIFMA Foundation.

Assuming the top job at SIFMA — Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association — nine years ago seemed like a natural fit for Ken Bentsen. It afforded him the chance to use his unique perspective honed from his time in Congress, where he served on various finance committees, and his experience in the private sector. He joined SIFMA – whose mission is to advocate for efficient and effective capital markets – at a critical time for SIFMA stakeholders: just as Congress was putting together Dodd-Frank, the regulatory response to the Great Recession of 2008-2009.

According to Bentsen, an effective and efficient capital markets system allows for the allocation of capital and credit to the “best ideas,” creating jobs and spurring growth. As the capital markets have grown, so too has the U.S. economy. The depth and breadth of the capital markets have proven essential to the resilience of the economy.

The Stock Market Game, run by SIFMA’s sister organization, the SIFMA Foundation, helps educate thousands of students annually about the workings of the global capital markets through online simulation, often serving as students’ sole exposure to economic education. In its 40 years of operation, the Game has taught some 18 million students from all over the country, serving as an important educational tool not only for students but for teachers and parents as well.

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