CEO Stories: Beyond Fair Trade

Scott Ford
Founder of Westrock Coffee

After selling Alltel to Verizon, Scott Ford started Westrock Coffee and the Rwanda Trading Company. Through his innovative business model, Westrock already has put over $100 million into the pockets of Rwandan coffee farmers, and to think, Westrock is just now hitting its stride!

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Taking a Risk

Scott Ford’s father grew the company that would become Alltel into a telecommunications giant with financial support from the Stephens family. His hard work and dedication were all the collateral that Jack and Witt Stephens needed to invest in him. That same willingness to invest in people’s commitment to hard work inspired Ford to give opportunity to coffee farmers in Rwanda. His unique approach serves as a great example of capitalism and was a contrast to how others were dealing with the farmers. He centered on a simple question: “How much can we pay the farmers and still make a profit?”

The Three Freedoms

A conversation with the former president of Rwanda when Ford was still at Alltel about how to bring wireless to the East African country led to further conversation about the three freedoms of western civilization that can alleviate poverty: religious freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom. The president believed that a healthy, western-style economy would motivate the people of Rwanda and serve as an example elsewhere in Africa. His request to Ford was simple: if he ever had the chance to teach someone in Rwanda to manage capital and make a profit, to take it. Five years later, Ford found himself in the coffee business.

Profitability is Key

Ford insists on three things for West Rock: transparency about pricing, traceability about the supply chain, and sustainability – in both the environmental/agricultural sense and in its ability to allow farmers to earn a living wage. Those attributes means West Rock can charge a little more for its product and also invest in training for farmers and pay them well. All the benefits – tangible and intangible – that accrue to the farmers and their communities stem from West Rock’s profitability.

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