CEO Stories: The Virtuous Circle of Capitalism

Doug Clark
Founder, CEO and Chairman of Corcentric

Doug Clark, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Corcentric, made his way into the worlds of accounting and finance, then truck leasing and later technology. Thirty years into his career he invented a way for companies to get out from under their back office paperwork so that they can spend more time listening to their customers. Doug’s endeavors have been disruptive in the industry, but his success couldn’t have happened without a fair amount of risk. Listen to the podcast to learn more about Clark's business innovation. Listen to Doug Clark discuss his many career endeavors as well as the benefits of capitalism.

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Solving the “Paper Crisis” Through Disruptive Innovation

Doug Clark saw the future and promise of technology beyond the crash. He took over Electronic Trading Solutions – where his transportation company had been a client – because he believed businesses would embrace technology that could help them become more efficient once the smoke from the crash cleared. He knew from his Wall Street days that companies had a “paper crisis” and that they needed help streamlining back office operations.

Listening to the Customer

Corcentric, Clark’s current business, evolved from the recognition that companies need to focus on their primary businesses and be freed from distractions that can more efficiently be outsourced. To Clark, solving customers’ problems is a critical component of capitalism, because you’re meeting an obvious market need while allowing the customer to deploy their capital and other assets most efficiently.

No Silver Bullet

Technology in and of itself isn’t the silver bullet, according to Clark. The solution comes from marrying the capabilities of technology with the needs of the customer; setting appropriate expectations; and preparation, discipline, and vision. For transportation businesses – one of Corcentric’s key markets – that means focusing on trucks, not purchasing or processing invoices and payments. Corcentric helps its client companies grow by giving them the freedom to better serve their own customers.

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