This is Capitalism FAQs

What is This is Capitalism?

This is Capitalism is a branded content series from Stephens Inc. that draws attention to the positive aspects of the free market through the experiences of inspiring individuals who when faced with a major turning point, chose an independent course…and thereby contributed significantly to the growth of the American economy.

Why is this an important discussion to have now?

Few ideas and institutions are as misunderstood as capitalism. Once lauded as core to the U.S. economy and achieving the American Dream, is too often seen as synonymous with self-interest and greed. When businesses succeed, entire communities are uplifted and lives are changed. That is reason enough to champion capitalism.

Why is it important to change the negative perception of capitalism?

Few ideas and institutions are as misunderstood as capitalism, especially now. Research shows that among millennials, America’s developing business leaders, capitalism is misunderstood and maligned. It’s critically important to address this issue of perception to ensure future economic growth and progress.

In short, when businesses succeed, entire communities are uplifted which is worth championing.

How were these business leaders selected for the series?

The personalities featured throughout “This is Capitalism” are emblematic of true capitalists, showing the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, drive and grit of leaders who harness capital for the benefit of society and their communities.

Will there be more business leaders featured in the future?

This is the first set in an ongoing series in which we will profile business leaders who embody the true meaning of capitalism.

What do you hope to accomplish with this discussion around capitalism?

To ensure future economic growth and progress it’s critically important to correct the false perceptions of capitalism, especially among millennials, the next generation of business leaders. Research shows that America’s developing business leaders see capitalism negatively and that many of them actually support socialism. The free market system is misunderstood and maligned, and for it to survive and thrive, a more balanced and accurate narrative must be presented.